Work Study

  • Earn money, focus on your studies and build your resume through SC4 on-campus work study.

    What is it? 

    • Eligible students are hired to work part-time either on campus or off campus during fall and winter semesters.
    • School is considered the first priority, so work shifts are planned around class schedules.

    Why should I apply? 

    • You'll get paid $9.50 per hour.
    • You can work in a setting that values an education.
    • It's a great resume builder.

    How do I apply? 

    • Indicate on your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) that you are interested in student employment.
    • Students who qualify for the Federal Work Study Program will interview with college departments or non-profit agencies and schools.

    I've been approved for work study aid. Now what? 

    For On-Campus:
    • Go to to see on-campus positions. There is a shortcut menu on the right, click on SC4 on-campus work study positions. 
    • Contact the campus department you want to work in.
    • An interview will be set up with the office supervisor.
    For Off-Campus:  
    • Contact Employment Services office to set up an orientation meeting -- or (810) 989-5788.
    • Options:
      • Community Service Program: Work in area non-profit organizations. Positions and responsibilities vary depending upon the agency, but could range from office support to direct service to clients.
      • Tutoring Program: Tutor elementary-age children in reading and math at a local elementary school.


    Contact Financial Aid at (810) 989-5638 or