• Shouting green from the rooftops

    SC4 was the first community college in Michigan to install green roofs on campus buildings, which reduce water runoff, add natural vegetation to campus and soak up carbon dioxide.
  • A building busting with energy

    The Acheson Technology Center houses a wind turbine, solar panels, a solar hot water system, solar hot air system and green roofs. Alternative energy students study it all.
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  • St. Clair County Community College is a leader in sustainable building concepts. SC4 students study our green technology, helping prepare them for alternative energy jobs in the professional world.


     SC4 Living Labs: 
    Green technology

    • Green roofs
      • Green roofs absorb water atop portions of five campus buildings.
      • They help reduce water runoff, add natural vegetation to campus and soak up carbon dioxide.
      • SC4 was the first community college in the state to use the technology.
      • See what the green roofs look like. See more +
    • Solar panels, wind turbine
      • Solar panels soak up the sun atop the Acheson Technology Center and College Center.
      • A wind turbine spins in the breeze outside the Acheson Technology Center.
      • They help power a computer lab, heat water and air in the Acheson Technology Center and offset electricity used by parking lot bench lighting.
      • See what the panels and turbine look like.See more +
    • Green retaining wall
      • About 60% of the retaining wall next to the Clara E. Mackenzie Building is "green."
      • It offers a combination of bricks and live materials that reduce water runoff, filter pollutants and add natural vegetation to campus.
      • See the wall for yourself. See more +
    • Sustainable parking lots
      • The College Center and A.J. Theisen Building/Main Building parking lots feature rain gardens and bioswales to soak up and clean rainwater before it enters nearby water sources.
      • See how parking lots and vegetation work well together. Click Here +
      • SC4 is an active member of the St. Clair County Storm Water Program.
    • Geothermal heating system
      • The North Building features a geothermal heating, ventilation and air conditioning system.
      • Water is pumped through pipes under the College Center parking lot, where it is naturally heated and cooled by the earth. Water is piped back to help heat and cool the North Building.
      • Go beneath the ground for a peek at the piping. See more +
    • Alternative energy associate degree
    • Climate Commitment
      • SC4 has been a member of the American College & University Presidents Climate Commitment since 2008.
      • More than 500 colleges and universities are part of the commitment. The group's goals are to reduce global warming by having higher education institutions commit to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions and accelerate the research and educational efforts of higher education to help society restabilize the earth's climate.
      • The group has a goal to reduce the global emission of greenhouse gases by 80% by 2050.
      • For details, visit www.presidentsclimatecommitment.org.