Campus Patrol

  • Emergency procedures



    • Call 911 if you discover smoke or fire. Pull manual pull station and evacuate building.

    • Call Campus Patrol at (810) 989-5757.

    • Do not re-enter building unless authorized by emergency or college personnel.



    • Don’t panic, stay calm.

    • During tornado watch, monitor conditions and be prepared to move to a safe location in building.

    • Tornado warning: Move to designated shelter area immediately in building.

    • Remain in shelter area until “all clear” is given.


    Power outage

    • Remain calm; provide assistance to others if necessary.

    • Call Campus Patrol at (810) 989-5757.

    • Move cautiously to a lighted area. Exits will be indicated by lighted signs.


    Hazard material release

    • If an emergency or if anyone is in danger/injured call 911 and Campus Patrol at (810) 989-5757.

    • Avoid direct contact with spilled material.

    • Treat contaminated individuals.

    • Follow instructions of emergency or college personnel.


    Suspicious person

    • Call 911 if danger is present.

    • Call Campus Patrol at (810) 989-5757.

    • Do not physically confront the person.

    • Do not block the person’s access to an exit.


    Suspicious object

    • Do not touch or disturb the object.

    • Call 911 and then Campus Patrol at (810) 989-5757.

    • Be prepared to evacuate.



    • Generally do not use elevators.

    • Evacuate the building using the nearest exit, or alternate if the exit is dangerous.

    • Take your personal belongings (keys, purse, wallet, books, etc.)

    • Follow directions given by emergency personnel or college officials.

    • Go to the Evacuation Point in the building’s evacuation plan and remain there until “all clear.”

    • Assist people with disabilities or special needs.

    *During emergencies, if emergency services are required, call 911 and then Campus Patrol.