Online Learning

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    SC4's academic advisors can help determine if online classes are right for you.

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  • SC4 offers numerous online classes and degrees to fit your time. 

    • The benefits
      • Take classes and complete coursework on your schedule.
      • Complete classwork anywhere you have a computer and Internet connection.
      • Save on gas with fewer trips to campus.
    • Our selection
      • SC4 offers about 60 classes per year online.
      • Complete degrees online, including an associate in arts, associate of business transfer, associate in general education or health care provider to registered nurse associate degree (with campus visits required for some courses).
      • Call SC4’s Center for eLearning if you have any questions about online classes: (810) 989-5525.
    • Tips
      • Expect to spend three to four hours a week for every credit hour the online course is worth.
      • To be an effective online student, you should be comfortable with browsing the Internet, communicating by email, following links to other sites, printing online pages and sending files from your computer.
      • When searching for classes on the WAVE registration system, choose “ONL-Online” to see what online classes are available per semester.
    • Technology requirements
      • Reliable Internet access (high-speed preferred).
      • Internet Explorer (Version 7 or later) as browser with Java and cookies enabled and pop-up blocking disabled for this site.
      • Updated anti-virus software.
      • Microsoft Word (Office 2000 or later). Other Office software may be required depending on the course.
      • Speakers or headphones.
      • Other hardware or software needs will be listed per class.
  • NOTE: Due to federal and state regulations around State Authorization, SC4 can only serve online students from certain states. Click here to see a complete list.